My name is Lyon McCandless and I founded EAT ME Foods in 2017. I was raised by my Italian grandmother in the beautiful countryside of Virginia so I had an appreciation for mother nature and good food. I graduated from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce and quickly jumped into a career in sales and marketing. Though it was fun, it wasn't satisfying and I kept thinking back to my mother's advice, "pursue what you are passionate about."

In 2015, I took a trip to Southeast Asia where I found myself casually eating insects and enjoying it. Over the next two years, I watched entomophagy gain traction in the US market and was thrilled to learn all about its benefits in health and sustainability.

I left my career in Tysons Corner, Virginia when I married a military member and moved with him to Norfolk, VA - the largest naval base in the world. After spending some time in the transient military community, I realized that there was a great lack of flexible jobs for military spouses that enabled them to balance a job with their family life, all while realizing that they might soon be relocated - again. It was at this point that I also told my husband that I was scared to bring children into this world with such a daunting future. 

Finally, I had a eureka moment - I'd combine my obsession with food, love of mother nature, and will to help others - to start EAT ME Foods. That's why at EAT ME Foods, we create delicious food out of love for our people, our customers, and our planet. 


The People

EAT ME is powered by military spouses. We are proud to support our military members who protect our country, and we are devoted to being the parents of our next generation. Sometimes that means moving to a new city every year, sometimes that means not seeing your husband for eight months, sometimes that means raising your kids by yourself. Through all of that, we also aspire to hold a job, and more importantly participate in meaningful work that will better ourselves and our families' futures. 

That's why at EAT ME, we're a family of families. We offer good pay, flexible schedules, and the chance to help better the future of our families and our planet. 

The Food

At EAT ME, we all have a deep appreciation for food. After all, food is fuel and we want to make sure that every meal is delicious and nutritious for ourselves and for our family. We are excited to feature cricket powder as our hero ingredient, for its nutritional and sustainable value.

So at EAT ME, each of our team-members is encouraged and incentivized to develop new cricket-based recipes at home. We then work with a renowned food scientist to perfect the recipe and bring it to your home. Our hope is that by including cricket powder on a daily basis, we will be able to reduce the amount of livestock we consume, thereby decreasing farming's toll on our planet.