Crickets: delicious, nutritious, sustainable.

Hop on board.

The Superhero

The current state of our planet's food chain is scary. In case you didn't already know, by year 2050, we will have to double our current food production. This will be a huge feat!

At Good Crickets, we are a group of military spouses devoted to bettering our future through the power of cricket powder. By consistently adding small amounts of cricket powder in our existing meals, it can help us solve the impending sustainability crisis.


Crickets are the next superfood - but they've redefined what a superfood is.

Not only are crickets highly nutritious, but they are a very sustainable food source. Including cricket powder in our daily meals can do three things: increase our diets' nutritional value, increase our global food production capability, and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions.  Now, that's one heck of a superpower!


Besides that, cricket powder is delicious. It adds a nutty flavor and is a versatile ingredient... the possibilities are endless!